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De kleine prins is a unique, highly specialised accounting firm that works exclusively for non-profit organizations (about 20 employees, about 400 customers).

We take care of your accounts digitally, using a ready-made set of interlinked, compatible apps, so you can avoid double work, while the advantages of digital accounting are used to the max.

These apps were specifically selected by us because they are compatible, easy to use, efficient and not over expensive.

If you want your financial data to be up-to-date, you are at the right address, ànd we also offer personal advice and analysis of your specific situation, so your organization can evolve without problems.

Your questions on non-profit finance find their answers here.

Our partners...

You can scan, mail or upload your financial documents to app ClearFacts, a professional financial portal, where supplier, amount etc. are recognized by clever, learning algorithms. You can then annotated them (by adding a comment, a department, project, donor,…), after which they can be sent to our accountancy system.

At our offices, our accountants then process the documents. The accountancy systems sends back all data (corrected and enriched) to ClearFacts, where you can see the effect using your graphic dashboard, the profit and loss and all underlying details, to which the invoices are attached! You can also check outstanding customers and suppliers.

As all documents are archived on your portal, they can of course be searched easily (supplier, amount, date etc…), and can also be paid with a couple of mouse clicks. Furthermore, you can consult your bank account statements here (in the future you will be able to annotate them as well).

Outgoing invoices can be created in the Eenvoudig Factureren app, a very simple and intuitive tool. They then can be sent to the clients digitally (4 languages), you can check if they are paid (thanks to CodaBox), reminders can be created and mailed to the clients etc… Finally, your invoices can be sent to us by simply pushing a button.

Bank statements are handled by CodaBox, an app that delivers your digital bank statements directly in our apps.

Freshnote is a brand new financial portal, which gives those who are in need of even more efficiency and detail, access to all your analytical data. Furthermore, you can compare budgets and results (general ànd analytical).

All apps work seamlessly together and synchronize with our accounting system, which is carried out behind the scenes in the Wings accounting app.

How do I switch to a digital collaboration?

This wonderful package of non-profit-expertise and the latest generation of software takes away a lot of worries and is offered at a competitive, fixed price. And it makes accounting fun! Ask for a quote at info@dkpa.be!

Colorful Sectors

Discover some of the sectors in which our clients operate...

Our team

Have a look at all the employees of our accounting firm.

Bruno Deprins

"Bruno is the founding father and manager of de kleine prins. He provides mainly advice and supervision for clients."

Hilde Guelinckx

"Hilde takes care of our clients in the education sector, but is also active in care, art, youth, and supervises a number of projects."

Antoine Sinzumusi

"Antoine meticulously handles all kinds of data from a wide range of non-profit groups."

Brigitte Mannaerts

"Brigitte manages files from regional, federal and international non-profit organizations."

Tom Deprins

"In addition to being an account manager, Tom is mainly occupied with digitization and automation."

Lotte Deprins

"Lotte studied social work as well as postgraduate accountancy... Therefore, on the job she feels like a duck to water!"

Leen Lauwaert

"Leen is the administrative coördinator. She manages the office and supports the organisation from her specific perspective."

Rik Huys

"Rik has worked for the Louvain University for many years, until he decided it was time for a career change towards finances."

Joeri Van de Schoot

"Joeri is at the same time hard working musician and bookkeeper, a match made in heaven…"

Harry Knooren

"Harry has a heart for NPOs. He's glad to provide them all the support they need."

Japhie Ndenga

"Looking for enthusiastic, talented naturals? Here is one!"

Chiara De Winter

"Vegetarian and animal rights activist Chiara also has a talent for figures and analysis."

Livia Pauly

"Livia is a passionate administrative centipede who supports our growing team."

Jurgen Van Gemert

"Jurgen worked previously in the art world and now uses his rich experience to support the customers of De kleine prins."

Anneleen Guilliams

"After some wanderings Anneleen has returned to de kleine prins. Welcome Anneleen :-)"

Karin Middel

"Karin has already swum through all kinds of waters. In addition to being a tour guide, she now also becomes a DKP team member."

Sadeq Nazary

"His roots are in Afghanistan, his heart in Belgium, his interest in numbers."

Simon Duson

"Simon is enjoying himself on stage as only he can do. He manages your files in the quiet moments."

Bram Deronde

"This boy loves non-profit organizations, figures and analyzes. Are we glad we found him..."

Marta Dyakova

"Years ago, Marta migrated from her homeland Bulgaria to Belgium. She brought all her experience, her precision and her insight... we satisfied."

Carl Vanherck

"Carl has guided congregations into the financial field for years, also with us he is mainly committed to larger religious organizations."


De kleine prins stands out partly because of our personal approach. Please feel free to contact us.

De kleine prins BV

Zwartzustersstraat 14, 3000 Leuven

Tel : 016 / 29 00 56

Cell : 0474 / 48 04 59

Email : info@dkpa.be

VAT BE 0466.721.042

De kleine prins is certified by the BIBF, registration number 70069261. Certification Bruno Deprins: 201291.

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How to easily navigate to our office?
Take the bus in Leuven station!

The office of De kleine prins in Leuven is easy to reach by bus. Starting from the NMBS train station, take bus 1 or 2 in the direction of Heverlee, and step off at the stop "Regionaal Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart". These buses usually leave the station at gate 5 or 6, located right next to the station. The travel time is approximately 15 minutes.

From the bus stop, it's only a 275 meter walk. Simply walk down the "Naamsestraat" and take the first corner on the right (Karmelietenberg). Follow along this street to arive in the Zwartzustersstraat. You will find us at number 14 on the right.

For more specific travel information, please navigate to www.delijn.be.

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